Content Sources Feature

This is a great new feature designed to make posting stories easier for you!

Simply connect the Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed of your choosing and when new stories are made available you will be able to easily create a post to send to your users.  

Follow the directions below to get started.  

Setup of Content Source


First, navigate to Get In Touch and then Content Sources


Then, Click on the + Add Content Source button and you will be asked what type of Content you would like to add 

You will be able to configure the Content Source for any one or all 3 of the options above. 

 Just add the URL, Page or Account and Click the Verify button.  

By enabling the checkbox, posts can be created from stories. 

This will happen after the initial fetch of stories is completed. 

They then will be fully built out and placed in an Incomplete Status in Post on your dashboard.

Once the Content Source is created there are 4 actions you can take:


View Stories -  You will be able to see all available stories and convert them to a post or remove the story.  

Fetch Stories - Updates your content source with any new stories posted from that source 

Disable/Enable Post Generation - This setting allows you to enable or disable the auto generation - if enabled new created fetched stories will have posts auto generated at the beginning of every hour.  

Inactivate - No stories will be fetched and the only actions available are View Stories and Activate 

View Stories Statuses

There are 5 different statuses that could be displayed when in the View Stories Grid. 

If you hover over each of the status there will be a informative description text displayed.  

  1. Needs Review - This status will be set if the Auto Generate Posts is set to Enabled and if Disabled this status will occur after you click the Convert to Post Action 
  2. Ready! - This status is visible on Auto Generate Post Disabled Content Story entries 
  3. Post Scheduled! - When a story is converted to a scheduled post in the future you will see this status 
  4. Post Sent!  - A converted story to a post 
  5. Issue Creating Post - If a story does not have an image and title associated with it, this status will be displayed.  However, the post can be created manually from the Get In Touch section 

The Content Source Feature will save you time creating posts!  Take time to try it out!