Each SocialToaster client gets their own "app" that they can design and personalize.  Generally you are able to choose images, colors, and fonts that best suit your overall brand identity.  


Currently we have several google fonts available for your app.  They are as follows:


You are able to create header images, prize images and custom block images directly from the App Factory, or you can have your designer create images for a more custom look.  

  • Create your own - you are able to create your own Banners and Image Sliders (for images advertising prizes or any other custom image) using our "Image Machine" by clicking on the "create" button. 
  • Use your own designer - we have a pdf with all of the sizes and specifications for your app.  (see below)
  • Use our designer - can't get it quite right?  We are more than happy to help.  Email us at support@socialtoaster.com and we can get you rolling.