So you have set up your program and are ready to turn your fans into superfans.  You have added a new page to your website and copied and pasted the embed snippet from the SocialToaster dashboard onto this page.  But it's not looking right :( ... Check out some of the most common reasons why the program does not display correctly on your site.

Your program's "Medium" or "Small" design is showing, even when you are on a desktop computer:

Why is this happening to me?

SocialToaster's program is designed to be fully responsive, which means that it will grow and shrink depending on the size of the page that it is embedded in.  If your page does not have enough space for our template's largest size, the medium size will show instead.

Here is a list of the ranges of pixels that will display each of our template's sizes:

  • Large - 1280 pixels or more
  • Medium - 600 - 1279 pixels
  • Small - 600 pixels or less

For information on what images display in each size, you can download the SocialToaster design specifications here.

I get it... but I still want the large size to show.  What should I do?

We wish we could wave a magic wand and fix this for you, believe me.  But it's just not that easy.  Here are a few options you can try out:

  • If there is a sidebar on your page that can be easily turned off?  If so, try to do that to see if enough space is freed up.
  • Contact the person or company who built your site to see if they can widen the area that you are embedding your program into.
  • If you used a pre-built template for your site, try switching to a different template that is wider and has more space for the program.
  • If all else fails, you can choose to let us host your program on a standalone microsite, and link to that microsite from your website.

If nothing at all is showing on your page:

Why is this happening to me?

You may be using a CMS (a website platform like wordpress, drupal, shopify, etc...) that is removing the embed code from your page.  Most likely, the CMS is setup to block javascript from getting added to any pages on your site.  This is really great for your website's security, but bad for SocialToaster, because our embed code snippet is almost entirely made up of javascript.

That stinks... what should I do?

First, let's confirm and make sure that this is happening.  You can do this by viewing the source code of the page to make sure that the SocialToaster embed code is missing.  This may seem difficult, but we'll walk you through this and you'll see that it isn't really that bad.  There are a lot of web browsers that you can use, but I'm going to walk you through this process with Google Chrome (If you don't have it, you can download it here).  Once you have your page loaded in Chrome, right click (or ⌘command click if you are using a mac) a blank spot on the page and click the "View Page Source" option in the menu that appears.

Once you click that, you'll see a bunch of html code.  Don't worry if it makes your head hurt, you don't have to dig through it.  Just click ctrl-f (or ⌘command-f if you are using a mac) and search for the word "amplify".  If no results come back from your search, then our theory is true, and the code was removed from the page.

Because every site is different, we don't have any specific instructions on how to prevent this from happening, but here are a few options to try out.

  • When you are editing the page, try looking for an option in your page editor that would allow for more HTML elements to be included on the page.
  • Contact the web designer/developer who created your site about this issue, and ask if they know of any way to include javascript on a page.
  • If you made the website yourself using a website builder (like SquareSpace, Wix,, GoDaddy, etc..) try contacting their support staff to see if they can suggest a way to work around this issue.
  • If all else fails, feel free to contact us at and we can take a look.