SocialToaster is committed to making fun, engaging fan programs for all industries and fan bases.  Although our programs are designed to be fun and engaging, they are also designed to be compliant with sweepstakes law, contest law, and FTC disclosure guidelines.  You may ask, what are FTC disclosure guidelines and why do I care about them?  

In 2009, the FTC issued Guides Concerning use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. These guides were created to make consumers aware when a blogger, affiliate or celebrity stood to gain something from recommending a product to their audience.  The FTC then released more guidance about how they will apply the guides.  When these were released, it became clear that they applied anyone participating in a sweepstakes or contest that is asked to share.  As such, SocialToaster requires that fan programs have their superfans clearly disclose a possible material connection between them and the brand they are advocating for by using an FTC compliant hashtag.  Generally the hashtags that seem to be acceptable to the FTC include:  #ad, #sweepstakes, #sponsored, #promotion #promo #contest #entry, or you can incorporate your brand into the hashtag.  For example: #sotopromo or #AcmeContest.   

We suggest you make sure to use an FTC compliant hashtag:

  • At the end of any posts
  • In a pic challenge
  • As a mentions phrase

Please don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions you may have.  

To read all of the FTC tips regarding endorsements please go here: