We have created the Rules Factory to make it easy to create rules for your superfans.  You are able to create a sweepstakes, a recruit sweepstakes, or a pic challenge contest. If you want to use any other type of promotion, we require that your service level be increased as we will need to help you create and update specialized rules. You may choose to create rules monthly or set a "contest period" that is longer or shorter than a month. In order to make sure that your prizes are accurate and that you want to do a promotion, you will need to come in and approve a set of rules. Please take a look at the how-to guide below and contact us at support@socialtoaster.com with any questions or concerns.  

1. Navigate to your App Factory (Design > App Factory)

2. From your Control Panel, choose Legal & Rules-O-Matic

3. Fill out your prize details and how they are to be awarded


  1. Points Sweepstakes (100 points = 1 entry)
  2. Recruitment Sweepstakes (1 recruit = 1 entry)
  3. Best Photo (Pic Challenge submissions)

Other Things to Consider:

  • Should users be able to earn more than one entry?
  • Should there be a limit to the number of entries?

5. Select Promotion Dates (I’m done adding prizes take me to the next step)

6. Fill out Legal Mumbo Jumbo


7. Preview & Save (I’m done, take me back to the App Factory)


8. Schedule Your Design (Select dates & Publish/Schedule)

Congratulations you made some rules! Get your Sweeps on!

If you have any questions or need assistance contact support@socialtoaster.com