About SocialToaster for Salesforce

SocialToaster is a fan advocacy platform.  We allow brands and non-profits to connect with their fans on social media.  Fans sign up for a campaign, and then are able to easily share content to their social networks and participate in other challenges.  SocialToaster for Salesforce automates the process of moving information about your SocialToaster campaign superfans into your Salesforce organization.  

With this app, individuals who sign up for your SocialToaster campaign are automatically synchronized with Contact records in your Salesforce organization.  Updates to your Contact Records occur on a regular basis so you are able to view the latest stats about their performance in your SocialToaster campaign.


  • You must license the use of the SocialToaster platform.  If you have not already done so, you can get started by reaching us via any of the methods listed here: http://www.socialtoaster.com/sales
  • SocialToaster for Salesforce requires use of the Salesforce web services API, which is available in Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.  Contact Salesforce to enable the web services API feature for Professional Edition organizations.

1. Install SocialToaster for Salesforce from the AppExchange

  1. Log into your Salesforce organization with an administrative account
  2. Paste the SocialToaster for Salesforce installation URL provided by your account manager in your browser window
  3. Click Get It Now and select the option to install to your production organization
  4. Choose the Install for All Users option when prompted

2. Update Your Contact Page Layout

SocialToaster for Salesforce has several custom fields and a VisualForce Page that need to be added to your Contact Page Layout.  We suggest a layout like the one shown in the video below:

SocialToaster for Salesforce How To: Set Up the Contact Layout from SocialToaster on Vimeo.

For reference, the fields you will need to add are:

  • Date Joined
  • Networks Connected
  • Last Activity Date
  • Links Shared
  • Impressions
  • Clicked Generated
  • Recruits Generated
  • Last Sync Time
  • Tags
  • User Profile Link

The VisualForce Page is named SocialToaster User History, which will show a detailed view of the user's activity on the SocialToaster platform.

3. Set Up Integration Account

Though not required, it is a best practice to have the integration run through a dedicated Salesforce user account.  This account should have a profile with the API Enabled flag enabled under Administrative Permissions, and Read/Edit/Create/Delete enabled for Contacts under Standard Object Permissions.  Once you have set up the appropriate account, you will need to generate a security token.

4. Generate a Security Token

  1. Log in to your Salesforce organization using the account you set up in the previous section.
  2. Click the My Settings option in the user menu 
  3. Select Personal > Reset My Security Token from the left navigation menu and click the Reset Security Token button.  An email with the new security token will be sent to the address connected to the user.

5. Register Your Organization with SocialToaster

  1. Log in to https://dashboard.socialtoaster.com and navigate to Configuration > Program Setup > External Platforms, then toggle the switch below the Salesforce option to open the configuration page.
  2. Enter the username, password, and security token for the user you set up in the previous sections and click the Save button.  The page will display the message "Account verified" if the account you entered can be used for the integration.
  3. Click the Settings tab, ensure that the switch for Sync Contact Date is enabled, and click Save 

6.  You're Done!

New users signing up for your SocialToaster campaign should now sync over to your Salesforce organization as new Contacts or update existing Contacts.  You should also find that the custom fields added to the Contact records update several times a day.