Our Magento integration has two components: the SocialToaster Account Connector extension for Magento, and the SocialToaster Reward Points integration. Any combination of the two components can be activated, depending on the use case.


To use any integration option described here, you will need Magento Community Edition 1.7 to 1.9.x, or Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9 to 1.14.x

Option A: Account Connector Only

Drive your Magento customers to your SocialToaster campaign with the Account Connector extension, which places a call to action and a one-click signup button on the checkout success page. Registered customers returning to your Magento store will also be automatically logged into your SocialTaoster campaign once they have an account there.

Follow the setup instructions article to get started with the Account Connector.

Option B: Reward Points Integration Only

Your SocialToaster campaign can be configured to transfer the points earning activities of your superfans to their corresponding accounts in your Magento store through the Magestore Reward Points extension (separate license required).

Follow the setup instructions article to get started with the Reward Points integration.

Option C: Account Connector and Reward Points Integration

Both Magento integration components can be activated, driving your customers in Magento to sign up for your SocialToaster campaign, while their activity on SocialToaster will be transferred to their accounts in the Reward Points extension.

First, install and configure the Account Connector, then configure the Reward Points integration.