If you add Spotify as a network, your users will be able to add Spotify after signing up.  You will find descriptions of the various ways users can interact with Spotify below.  

Connecting Your Spotify Account

Your users can connect their spotify account to their user account in a SocialToaster program.  They are asked to do this during the signup process, but if they do not connect their Spotify account at that time, they will be able to do it later.

Follow a Spotify Playlist or Artist

Once your users connect their spotify accounts, you can incentivize them to follow a Spotify playlist or artist.  They will be asked to do so during the signup process and various other places throughout the program.

Spotify Playlist Block

A playable Spotify playlist can be embedded on your program, so that your users can listen to the songs included in the playlist.  If your user has not yet followed the playlist, they will be able to do so by clicking a button below the embedded playlist.