At SocialToaster, we are always trying to make sure that whatever feature you use, you don't need to create special images.  When we create a post, we try to scrape an image from that page.  When you ask a superfan to like or follow your social page, we pull in images from your social accounts.  But we know that sometimes you just want things to be "pixel perfect".  Here is a list of all of our recommended sizes (in pixels)!


  • Default Post Image - this image is displayed on any link that may not by default have an image and at the top of your dashboard. Generally we would suggest a logo of some type. - 1200 x 630
  • Program Banner/Header –
    • Wide - 1320 x 200
    • Medium – 768 x 200
    • Small – 320 x 150
  • Program Blocks –
    • 1 Wide – 285 x 400
    • 2 Wide – 600 x 400
    • 4 Wide – 1230 x 400 – if you create a 4 wide block, there is technically no height restriction.  Keep in mind that in order accommodate for mobile viewing, you should also create a 1 wide or 2 wide block that the 4 wide can shrink to on mobile. 
    • If you would like to use our headers on your blocks, your images should be 350 tall instead
  • Email –
    • Email Banner - 600 x 115 (see design specs)
    • Email Footer - if you want you can display an ad or some type of colorful image - 600 x 250 (height is variable and not required to be 250)
  • Prize images can be blocks (same specs as in the design specs) of 1, 2, or 4 wide and we can place them on the page - we often make the prize image 2 wide and then a descriptive text block be 2 wide next to it.
  • Badges – 
    • 200 x 200

Images to be used in Features

  • Pic Share - You will be having people share pictures that you select. Those images should ideally be: 1000 X 650
  • Pic Challenge - You will be asking people to hashtag images on Instagram or Twitter, these are not images you need to upload yourself.  If you would like to “seed” your pic challenge, you can upload images to Instagram or Twitter with the correct hashtags and they can display on your pic wall.
  • Likes/Follows - Users will be asked to follow your social networks. We pull these in from your social networks but in many cases, you may decide you want to change them.  You need an image that is a square, preferably 300x300 or higher
  • Recommended Sites - When possible an image will be pulled from your target site but in many cases, you may decide you want to change them.  You need an image that is 285 x 200.
  • Surveys – You are able to use images in surveys or quizzes but there is no requirement to have them.
    •  Background images on the popup - Because the popup will show as different sizes on different screens and devices, there really isn't one size that we can recommend. Our suggestion is to find a small, subtle, repeatable pattern that can go behind the survey questions.
    • Images as answers to multiple choice questions - Our recommendation here is to use a 200x200 square image for each answer.
    • Images as a "Congrats" message – Our recommendation here is to use a 300x300 image for each answer. (these can be pngs or gifs)


  • Posts - You will be sending out content to users via email and they can display in your “share more” block on the user portal.  The images that get shared to social are 1200 x 630