Our new administrative dashboard design makes it simple to create a dashboard that works for you and your specific industry.  We've added a dashboard factory, more colors, added new block types based on client feedback, and given you default templates based on industry to get you started.  Not only do we have new default templates to choose from, we let you take it further and give you the ability to drag and drop your favorite blocks into your own specialized design.  


Getting into the dashboard factory is easy, simply click on design and choose "Dashboard Factory". 

Choose your Template

You can choose a template (1) or you can just choose your blocks (2).

Drag & Drop!

Simply hover over the block you want to move and drag it to where you feel it belongs. 

Just don't forget to hit "Save" before you close out!

A Few of Our New Favorites

Monthly Sharing Comparison - How did your campaign do two months ago, last month, and currently?


Day + Time Breakdown - When is the best time to post content?  

Tags -  You asked for it, we have it!  You are now able to get a high level view of the tags your users have selected right from your main page.


Earned Media Value - take a look at what your campaign has earned.


Top Posts - based on impressions what posts performed the best?


Top Users - based on impressions what users are getting you the most views.