Is your brand looking to get fans to create user-generated content (UGC)? Use SocialToaster's Pic Challenge feature to easily ask (and reward) your advocates for UGC!

This quick tutorial will explain how to set the feature up in your dashboard and then activate it on your SocialToaster user page.

A Pic Challenge allows users on Instagram (and/or TikTok if you choose) to connect their account, post pictures & videos to Instagram/TikTok with a hashtag of your choosing, and it will be pulled into a "Pic Wall".

Create a Pic Challenge

Select "Pic Challenge" from the Features menu.

Choose "Add New Challenge" and complete the requested information. 

Choosing Hashtags

Make sure you use an FTC compliant hashtag. For more information, review What hashtags are FTC compliant?

Setting Up Your Description

We have already created a description for your pic challenge that will show on your "pic wall". We have made sure that the description includes instructions and your selected hashtags. If you choose to override your pic challenge's description, that's fine! But BEWARE! You need to make sure that you have included your hashtags in your custom description. If you don't, your users won't know what to post!

Moderating and other Settings

1. Choose a start and end date for your pic challenge

2. Select the number of points you want each approved pic to be worth. 

3. If you make your pic challenge moderated, users will earn points every time you approve their picture. If it is not moderated, they receive points for the first picture they post each day with the appropriate hashtag(s). See more info on moderated vs. unmoderated posts here.

4. If you select "Show after challenge is ended" then your pic wall will stay up after the end date. 

5. Generally, you should make sure that "Include only photos from Superfans" is selected so that all of the pics on the pic wall are eligible to earn points. 

6. Want to be super specific with your pic wall? Then only allow pics you mark as "featured" on your pic wall. This is a good compromise 

7. Choose which types of media you want to be collected

8. Have more than one challenge? Weight them so the one you want to feature will show. Highest weight sinks to the bottom, lowest weight floats to the top.

You did it! Send out that Pic Challenge!

If you have any questions please reach out to