If you are looking to collect data about a user, there are two options in SocialToaster; Tags or Custom Fields. Tags are used if you want to collect information and send users content based on that information. Custom Fields are used if you want to learn more about your users and can be added to Segments to be used to send users content based on their selection.  


1. If you want to use collected information to send users content, you can use Tags. Tags can be created from the Configuration/Program Setup/Tags page:

2. Create tags by clicking "Add a Tag." Choose what options users have from the "Tag Selection" option - select many or select one.

Custom Fields

1. To collect information about a user on sign up, or after sign up in a "complete your profile," use Custom Fields. You can find Custom Fields by going to Users/Custom Fields:

2. From the Custom Field page you can create or edit custom fields. You can choose what type of data you would like to collect: free text, one option from a list, yes or no, a date, birthday, phone number, address, program password, or just make it so you can write some text on your sign up form. If you would like to add the Custom Field to your Segments they can only have the data types of One Option from the List, Several Options from the List or Yes/No.

3. You can also select where to collect the data from the "Available In" setup section: sign up form, my account form, or a "tell us more" block. The "Tell Us More" block is the SocialToaster version of "complete your profile."  

Here is an example:

4. Once you have created your Custom Field that you would like to add to your Segments you can navigate to Users/Manage Segments. From here you can select the the Custom Field from the Available Segments. When you see the Custom Field in the Current Segments and click the Reclassify Users button. Now If there is data collected the Custom Field will be available for use when creating a post. 

If you have any questions please reach out to support@socialtoaster.com