During the month, you might want to check in and see how many points your users have earned.  We have two ways to get you this information:

1. Sort the Users Page

We have a date range feature at the top right of every dashboard page but on the users page we give you a lot of filtering options.  User the filter section of the page in order to sort the users page with a number of filtering options.  Use the "Activity Between" section of the filter and choose your date range.  Then click "Filter".  You should be able to see the users who have had activity in that date range. 

2. Peek in on the Leaderboard

Most of our clients do not use a Leaderboard, but we still have one hiding just for these types of occasions.  If you want to take a look at who is at the top of the leaderboard, you can go to a hidden link on your user portal:  yoursocialtoasterurl.com/#st_leaderboard  Just add /#_leaderboard to the end of your url and you will be able to see your current leaderboard.