Sometimes it is helpful to link to a specific page within your program, like a survey or a pic wall page, instead of the normal landing page.  Doing this is relatively simple, but you need to use different links when linking from an external page or E-mail to the campaign and when using a link within your program's page.  

If you are NOT using the link in the App Factory:

  Go here or navigate to Configuration --> Program Info --> Deep Links

  Choose the link you want and click Copy

  The link will be on your clipboard and can be pasted wherever you need.


If you are using the link in the App Factory:

   ***  In most cases using a link to another page within your program is unnecessary and can be accomplished more simply other ways.  Before following these instructions ask yourself the following questions: 

  1.  Can you use a block that is designed for the feature you want to use?  For example a pic wall is automatically linked to if you use the featured pic block.
  2.  Can you use a menu item to link to the desired page?  People are accustomed to using the menu for navigation, you may find that simply adding a menu item is sufficient to achieve your goal.
  3. Will the image slider work for you?  If you are simply putting a link on a picture you should never do this with a custom block.  The image slider block can be infinitely customized with specific links for each picture, or the same link for each picture in the slider.
  4. If you still need to use a link to another page in your program follow the following steps: 
  •     Go to the page you would like to link to in your program
  •     Right click anywhere on the page that isn't an image
  •     Choose "View Frame Source"  If you are using Firefox the option is in the "This Frame" menu
  •     This will open a new window, go to that window
  •     Copy everything in the address bar except "view-source:"
  •     The link will be on your clipboard and can be pasted wherever you need.