Recruiting is an integral part of any SocialToaster campaign.  What good is your program if you don't have anyone in it?!

We always try to make sure you can track as many things as possible and recruiting is no exception.  We created our "Recruit Links" feature to function in the same way your super fans are able to recruit friends into the program.  We create a custom shortened link for you and you are able to use that link in a post on Facebook, Twitter, or an email campaign.  You can create as many links as you would like so you can track the efficacy of your recruiting efforts on each of your initiatives.  

Head over to Recruitment/Links

To create a new link, click the "+ Create Link" button at the top of the page.

Once you are on the "Create Link" form, you will see many options. See below for a description of each form field.

  • Label - This is just a way for you to reference this link when you are viewing the dashboard.  This is not public and will not show to any of your users.
  • Target URL - This is the URL that users will be taken to when they click this link.  You almost always should set this to "Program URL", but if you would like to drive traffic to a different website other than your program, you can click "Other" and type in a different URL.
  • Customize Open Graph Data - Open Graph Data is the information that shows when a link is posted to facebook.  In almost all cases, you should choose Target URL, but if the link looks strange when posted to facebook, you should choose "My Recruitment Post".  If you are not happy with either of those options, you can choose Custom Values.
  • Validate E-mail Signups - By default, we do not report people who signed up without social networks as valid recruits, because we do not have enough information to decide if they are real people.  If you would like to include those people as valid recruits, check this checkbox.
  • Conversion Tracking Reference and Conversion Tracking Code - You can use this to track signups to a 3rd party.  In most cases, you should leave conversion tracking reference blank, and add your facebook/google/twitter/etc.. tracking pixel into the Conversion Tracking Code field.