Setting up a Pic Challenge, but don't know whether to set it up as moderated or unmoderated? The difference is simple! Unmoderated means all entries will be shown on the Pic Wall automatically and moderated means you'd like to review and approve entries before they are posted.

An unmoderated Pic Challenge allows every image that has your required hash tag(s) to automatically post to your Pic Wall, no approval necessary. Points will be awarded for one entry per fan per day, but we encourage users to post as often as they'd like and all eligible photos will be approved!  If you find a picture that you don't approve of for any reason you can just click the "Deny" button and it will be removed from your public pic wall.

A moderated Pic Challenge requires you to manually review every Pic Challenge entry for approval. Entries will not post to your Pic Wall automatically; instead, you will need to log into your SocialToaster dashboard and approve the entries that you want to appear on your Pic Wall and deny the entries that you don't want to appear. Without completing the approve/deny process, no entry images will appear on your wall.

Want a full tutorial on how to set up a Pic Challenge? Click here.