We provide you with default FAQ's but if you want to edit them, we make that possible in the App Factory. 

To get to the FAQ-tory head over to the App Factory:

We suggest you use our FAQ Builder but you can also start with a clean slate by selecting "Write my own FAQ"

How to Edit

  • To Change the text simply click into the text that you wish to change.


  • To Delete a question go to the far right of the question and click the trash can.

  • To Change the Order of the questions simple click on the multi arrow icon to the left of the question and drag to the position that you wish.

  • To Add a FAQ Item simply click on Add FAQ ITEM and it will add a new question to the bottom of the list.


  • To Create your own FAQ list click on the drop down menu and select Write my own FAQ. This will take away all of the default questions and create a blank FAQ page.