Are you looking for a great way to integrate Instagram Stories into your SocialToaster recruitment strategy but you don’t know where to start? Let’s take a quick look at the successful InstaStories recruitment campaign of our client, Julep Beauty to give you a jumping off point.

Julep Beauty formulates, produces and sells a variety of beauty products, ranging from over 200 shades of nail polish to make-up and skin care products. Julep's monthly prize winner emails enjoy a 40% open rate. To leverage this and their 122,000 Instagram followers, they ran the following four panels on Instagram Stories Highlights:

Julep Beauty did four great things in telling their Story:

  • Shout-Out To Prize Winners – Makes winners feel awesome sauce and fills non-winners with FOMO.
  • Showcase The Prize – And that is one good-looking prize shot…
  • Inform Viewer About Current Prizes – That FOMO’s kicking in, non-winners are getting jelly…
  • Provide Call-To-Action To Drive Conversion – Flip on the “OPEN” sign and let in those new recruits!

Julep’s SocialToaster program organically gained 50 members in the time the Instagram Story ran! Just this one initiative garnered half of what they recruited in the entire previous month. Julep’s other key performance metrics (open rate, engagement, share rate) also outperformed the previous month.

Instagram (and other) Stories are an emerging but important part of your advocate’s digital lives. How will your brand use them to bring your advocacy program to life?