SocialToaster has ensured both our practices and applications are GDPR compliant.  As well, we have gone through great lengths to ensure our customer's information is protected by the highest standards of information protection.  This serves as a notice to attest to both our GDPR compliance and security posture.  

Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy, located at has been updated to allow for residents of the EU to request a change or delete their personally identifiable information that has been collected as a part of a SocialToaster program.

Clear Opt-In Language:

For any program that is accessible to outside of the US, we ensure that we have clear consent from users to collect their information and that they agree to the Rules/Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy before signing up.  We require that users affirmatively check a checkbox that includes links to the pertinent information before they sign up for a program.

Employee Training:

We have given our employees training on GDPR compliance and have incorporated it into our training.

Data Protection Officer:

We have appointed Ted Bever as our Data Protection Officer.  

Right to Remove:

We have created a policies and procedures for the deletion or modification of personally identifiable information by users. Should users wish to request such a deletion or modification, users are asked to email  Requests will be granted or responded to within 2 business days.