Why are you asking for all these permissions?

SocialToaster, like all social media applications, uses API’s or Application Programming Interfaces to perform actions for you on your social media accounts.  Every Social Network handles authentication slightly differently, but the basics remain the same for all of them.  For each Social Network SocialToaster has applied, and been approved for, having an app.  Continued use of the app requires that SocialToaster abide by the terms of service set out by each network and is subject to being revoked if violations or complaints were to occur.  When you “authorize” any app it generates a contract between SocialToaster and the social network defining what actions SocialToaster is allowed to take on your behalf.  For example, if you have not granted the “Publish” permission on Facebook SocialToaster will not, under any circumstances, be able to post to your account.  In addition to these protections SocialToaster will never take any actions on any social network without your explicit permission.

Each Social Network has some peculiarities as described below:

Facebook (FAQ):

Facebook has the most flexible permission system allowing the user to deny permissions at will.  SocialToaster will request the following permissions, all of which, except for public profile, can be denied while still allowing use of Facebook:

  • Public Profile
  • Timeline Posts
  • Current City
  • Likes
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • Age Range (may result in inability to access some age restricted programs)
  • Publish

In addition Facebook explicitly states that SocialToaster is unable to incentivize sharing or taking other Facebook actions (with a few exceptions) even if that incentive is points.  As a result we are unable to offer points for most actions taken on Facebook. 

Twitter (FAQ):

In contrast to Facebook’s customizable permission model, Twitter has only 3 levels of permission:

  • Read
  • Read and Write
  • Read, Write and access Direct Messages

Because SocialToaster involves sharing tweets, we always ask for Read and Write (but not for access to your direct messages).  Because of the lack of customizable permissions it appears that SocialToaster is being given a lot of control over your account, but we will only ever post a tweet or follow another user on your behalf.  If these permissions make you uncomfortable you can, and should use another Social Network.

LinkedIn (FAQ):

Like Facebook, LinkedIn uses a customizable list of the permissions requested which allows SocialToaster to request only the permissions it needs.  However, like Twitter the request is an all or nothing proposition and you can not grant some permissions without allowing all requested permissions. SocialToaster will request the following permissions:

  • Basic Profile
  • Full Profile
  • E-mail Address
  • Read and post updates

LinkedIn is unique among Social Networks because it requires that you input your password whenever granting permissions to ensure that permissions are being granted by an authorized account user.

Instagram (FAQ):

Instagram only offers api access to read, but not publish, information.  Because of this the Instagram permissions are only:

  • Basic Information
  • Access Public Content

No apps, including SocialToaster, are able to publish content or interact with photos on your behalf.  In addition because the permission request is limited to “Public Content” SocialToaster is unable to view content posted to any private accounts, even if the owner of that feed has authorized our app.