In order to use Pic Challenges on Instagram, you must connect your business Instagram to the SocialToaster Platform. This is simple and only takes a minute or two.

Connecting Your Business Instagram

First, navigate to the Pic Challenge Page

You will see the following section. This is where you will connect your business Instagram account.

Next, open up a new tab and log into your business Facebook page (you must have the appropriate permissions on the page).

Navigate to Settings then Instagram. See here for more

Log in with your business Instagram account and follow the steps.

Navigate back to the SocialToaster Dashboard Pic Challenge page and click "Connect Instagram Tied Facebook Page"

Follow the steps and authorize SocialToaster to access the account.

If all goes well you should see this (with your business Instagram handle listed):

Connecting Additional Instagram Accounts

If you wish to connect additional Instagram accounts just repeat the above process using a different Facebook Page and Instagram account combo. Then when you are creating/editing a Pic Challenge, you can select the relevant Instagram account for the challenge (see below).

Creating/Updating a Challenge

Now that you have connected a business Instagram, you need to use it for challenges. When creating a challenge, select the Instagram business account from the drop down you would like the account to be tied to.

NOTE: Instagram entries must mention the selected Instagram account in order to be counted. Please make sure to note this if editing the default description.