Setting Up Prizes 

The goal is to connect prize creation in the rules factory with prize fulfillment on the dashboard while still maintaining flexibility to handle prizes that bypass the rules factory for some reason.  The manual winner chooser is also available, allowing users to manually generate winners if they prefer.

Viewing Prizes Created on the Rules Factory

Whenever prizes are created via publishing rules from the app factory a prize object will be created automatically.  When this happens most fields of the prize will not be editable except via the rules factory. This is necessary to maintain the rules factory as the source of truth about the prize.

Manually Creating Prizes Thru Prizing Wizard 

The prizing process has been redesigned and the Prizing Wizard can be found in the left menu by clicking Reward Your Users -> Winners -> Prizing Wizard.  This can be used if the prizes have not been created using the Rules Factory. 

Click on +Add New Prize and you will be redirected to the Prizing Wizard setup page where you will be able to enter prizing details.  There are 6 tabs in the wizard that you will see instructions for in the following steps. 

Prize Setup Tab

The prizes setup page has the following fields that are required before creating a notification.  

After all the fields are filled out click on Save & Configure Notification if you are ready.  If not simply click Save to visit it at another time  

  • What prize are you are giving away? 

  • How many are you giving away? 

  • How much is each prize worth? 

  • How would you like to give away your prize?

    •  I'd like to give prizes to a random participant.

      • When selecting this option you will be presented with - How should your users earn entries?

        • Users can earn entries based on points that are earned during the promotional period

          • When this option is selected you will be presented with - How many points should your users earn in order to receive each entry? 

        •  Users can earn entries by recruiting their friends during the promotional period

    • I'd like to give prizes to participants based on performance.

      • When selecting  this option you will be presented with -  Who would you like to award this prize to?

        • Top points earners

        •  Top recruiter

        •  Pic Challenge

  • What contest would you like to use for this prize? - Drop list of available contests 

  • Moderate Winner Selection 

    • I would like to approve all winners manually

    • I would like all winners approved automatically

  • Automatically add winners to the "Winners Circle" - Drop list of available options 

Notification Tab

In order to inform winners that they have won a prize there is a notification that can be configured for each prize.  The notification will be sent as winners are confirmed and provide a link to fill out a claim form.  The ability to send a test Email  just like on ad hoc and post E-mails has been added to the process to allow previewing of the exact message that will be sent.  Configuring the notification does NOT send it to anyone.  Claim windows will expire at midnight of the appropriate day.  On that day the person who sent out the notifications will receive an Email telling them to check in on the winners.  

After all the fields are filled out click on Configure Claim Form if you are ready.  If not simply click Save to visit it at another time  

Claim form

In order to claim a prize winners will need to be directed to a page and submit some additional information such as address, name, agreement to the rules or whatever else is required by the customer.  By clicking Add New Form Field you will be presented a widget that is also used in creating custom fields 

After all the fields are created  click on Choose Winners if you are ready.  If not simply click Save to visit it at another time  

Choose Winners

Winners can be filtered exactly the same ways as posts and ad hoc Emails.  This means segments, tags and geo targeting are all available as long as they are otherwise configured on the client.


Once it is time to give out the prize winners must be selected.  Unless someone manually clicks the button to pick winners none will be selected.  Depending on the options, chosen winners selection may take a few minutes.  Choosing winners will select 10X the number of prizes (assuming there are sufficient people in the program) as winners.  Winners can be E-mailed individually or as a group.  

Selecting Backups

Once a sufficient number of winners have been selected additional winners can be marked as backups. It should not be possible to have more primary winners at any given time than there are prizes being awarded.  Winners have a finite time to claim their prize and will be removed from the list once that window has passed. There are several options for demoting and promoting winners as a group or individually.  Disqualifying a winner will remove them from the list of eligible winners but have no effect on their account.  Marking a winner as nonconforming will effectively remove them from the campaign for the purpose of prizing and prevent them from winning any future prizes.

Actual Email

This is a sample winner E-mail that would be received by an actual winner.

Actual Claim Form

This is an actual claim form that would be seen by a winner

Expired Claim Form

Picking Backups

3 winners have been notified, but one is no longer eligible to fill out the claim form in this screenshot.  A backup can be promoted or an eligible winner can just be notified directly.  Viewing the claim form will show the actual form the user would see allowing us to fill it out ourselves if we have the info for some reason.  Clicking “pick more winners” will find additional winners to bring the number of eligible winners to bring the total number of winners back up to 10X the number of prizes.


Once winners have claimed their prize by filling out the form they will appear on the fulfillment page and prizes can be marked as shipped or notes added

Congratulations You Have Successfully Set Things Up!