Designing Your Program

The APP Factory is the part of the SocialToaster program which  has been designed so you can personalize  your program to enhance your users experience.  While in the APP Factory, you will see what your users see when they are engaged with your program.

Let’s Get Started!

To access the App Factory you will need to be logged into the dashboard of your program. In the top menu bar you will see an image of a pencil labeled Design.  

Click on Design and a menu will be displayed with the different factories that are available for Admin users.  

Click on App Factory and let’s get designing!

Initially when you click on the App Factory you will be directed to Logged Out Page of your program. From here, you can Preview any page that is a part of your program by clicking the Page Button in the editor navigation at the bottom of the page. This gives you the ability to make changes to the design, the blocks on the page, text, colors and manage the way your program works for the user.

  • When you click onto the page you will be able to do the following;
    • Edit the text on the page - Click on the text and if it is outlined in white dotted lines you will be able to edit. You can also do this by clicking the ‘A’ in the block.  
    • Use the Crosshairs in the corner of the block to move the block around. This truly is a drag and drop ability!  
    • Click the Gear Wheel to edit the block content, size and configuration. (more details to follow about editing a block) 
    • Delete the block from the page by clicking the trash can. 
  • The boxes at the lower menu bar allow you to edit so you can tweak the look and feel of your program.  
  • At the bottom of the page of the App Factory you will see toggle buttons that will allow you to view your program as it will display on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. These buttons will make sure  your pages look consistent and renders properly no matter on what device the user is viewing content.  

Configuring Pages and Blocks

There are 11 options at the bottom menu. 

  • Call To Action - This area can be configured to display a Learn More area to your users. There are 4 options for your CTA Area Style


Standard - this is a simplistic view of the CTA Area 

Hidden - this will not display the CTA Area 

Learn More Section Available - this gives the users the ability to see the learn more panels associated with the design if they click the Learn More button 

Learn More Section Always Open - this will display the learn more panels every time the user logs into the program 

    We will take a look at how to work with blocks more in depth in a different section 

  • Page - There are 3 sections of pages available 

Primary Section - These are pages associated with a state that the user is in on the page.

Secondary Section - These are pages associated with your program design and what the user will interact with in your program.

Custom Section - These are custom pages created for your program.

  • Design - This give you the ability to adjust the colors, background, fonts, images and CSS code. 

(Only General Themes are available at this time)

  • Menus - the menu option allows the any of the secondary or custom pages to be added to the Top - Logged Out , Top - Logged In or the Bottom of those pages. By clicking on one of the menu options, an Add Menu Item pop up will be displayed. Once added, they will display as a link on the page and can be edited, moved or deleted from the location.

  • Banners - Images can be added from here for the Logged Out and Logged In pages for the computer (Large), tablet (Medium) and mobile (Small)

  • Text - This is where you can change the text throughout the application where it is allowed.
  • Legal - We have developed the Rules Factory to make it easy to create rules for your superfans. You are able to create sweepstakes, recruit sweepstakes, or a pic challenge contest. If you want to use any other type of promotion, we require that your service level be increased as we will need to help you create and update specialized rules.

For more detailed information please visit this link

  • Site - This option gives you the ability to set up your webpage or embed the program into  your own site. You can make changes to the following:  
    • URL - use your own URL or use a purchased domain 
    • MetaData - You will be able to then add the following information: Name, Title, Image
    • Display - change the background color or image      


For more detailed information about embedding the code to your site please visit here

  • Extras - Here are some additional features that will allow you to customize your program.  

  • The Copy Machine - Here you can edit any text that is on the program which is not editable on the page itself. To make searching easier you can filter the text by the page. However, be careful when changing one thing because it will change everywhere in the program. Once you make a change, you will be able to revert the change by clicking the Revert Link.
  • Add Custom Page - This is used to create a page that is not already offered in the application. You can create a Custom Block Page where you will be able to add informational blocks to the custom page and choose who should be able to see this page. You can also add a Custom Content Page, which will allow you to add custom content with images, text or links. 
  • SocialToaster Logo - This logo can be displayed at the bottom of your campaign page. Using this option you can choose which design you would like to use.
  •  Previous Revisions - When using this option you can use previous versions of your design.  
  • Logged In Landing Page - A dropdown of page will be displayed to determine where users should be taken when they log in
  • Miscellaneous -  Here you will see a checkbox that, when selected, will take away the highlight from the block titles.  
  • Scheduling - This allows you to schedule a specific design for a specific time. Set the date and time and the design will be displayed to users without you having to do anything at all.

Working with Blocks 

Your application is all setup with blocks but a gray box is displaying in the block and you don’t know what to do!  Well the answer is quite simple...

Survey Block

For example: if you have a survey block that looks like this, simply engage with the block and click the gear wheel to edit

A pop up will appear with a Choose A Survey drop list that will contain any survey that is valid on your program.  

Pick the survey you would like to display and click save. Your block will now contain the survey you have chosen.

Share Now Block

Another example is the Share Now Block. Without any content configured you will see a box that looks like this:

If you click on the grey part of the box, it will take you to a create post page. If you click on the gear wheel, it will present you  with a Edit Past Content pop up.


The Show all Content Library Posts will do just that any post that you have selected to add to the share more library will be displayed with this option. 

The Show only daily sharable Content Library post will be those that you select to share daily instead of only once when creating a post 

The Select posts to share gives you the option to pick which posts you want to display. 

Remember to save and your block will now look like this with the toggle ability to see both posts.  

As with all blocks, you can adjust the width to be One, Two or Four wide. Space out your content and configure your blocks so they look pleasing to the user. 

As with anything that you do in the App Factory make sure you save throughout the process, and if necessary you can use the Previous Revisions Option in Extras to revert. Don't forget to Publish before leaving the App Factory!


If you have any questions or need assistance contact