Want to grab your advocates attention?  Maybe your advocates would like to know when new posts are available when they are not currently logged in to your program.  Whatever your goal, SocialToaster now has the ability to use Push Notifications to notify advocates of new content. 

This quick tutorial will explain how the new feature works! 

Subscribing to Push Notifications 

Once the Push Notifications are enabled on your program, the advocate will be prompted when logging in to your program to allow or deny the push notifications.   Push notifications can be delivered to web visitors on desktop and mobile devices.  *At this time Safari does not support push notifications

Sending Notifications 

Now, once a new post is sent to your advocates they will receive a notification on the approved device.  They will be able to click on the alert immediately or go to the notification center to view the content that was sent!  It is a great way for advocates to be more engaged with your program. 




Get Started with Push Notifications Now!  Contact support@socialtoaster.com