Our SocialToaster for WooCommerce solution allows you to integrate the capabilities of SocialToaster into your e-commerce site. With our plugin installed on your WooCommerce store, you have the ability to offer easy sign up for your SocialToaster campaign, single-sign on, and points integration when using the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.


To use the integration options available with our plugin, you will need a site running Wordpress v5 and WooCommerce v3.


1. Obtain the plugin

Contact your account manager or reach out to us at support@socialtoaster.com to get the latest version of our plugin.

2. Install the plugin

Log into your Wordpress/WooCommerce site as an admin, and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Click the "Upload Plugin" button and select the SocialToaster plugin Zip file. Click the "Activate Plugin" link after the plugin installation process completes.

3. Create a SocialToaster API Key

If you were not already provided an API Key, log into the SocialToaster dashboard and click the Manage Account button in the upper right corner of the page. Scroll down to the API Information section of the page shown and click the Generate New Key button. You will use the value shown later on in the setup of this module.

4. Configure plugin settings

In the Wordpress/WooCommerce admin menu, navigate to Settings > SocialToaster. Set the values as follows:

  • SocialToaster Campaign Key: in the SocialToaster dashboard, navigate to Configuration > Program Setup > Settings, and copy the value from the Key field
  • SocialToaster API Key: enter the key from Step 3 above
  • SocialToaster API URL: enter https://my.socialtoaster.com/api/v1.0/
  • SocialToaster Campaign URL: use the direct URL to your SocialToaster campaign
    • To find the URL for the SocialToaster campaign, navigate to the admin dashboard and right-click on the campaign image on the top menu and select copy link address
  • SocialToaster Campaign Name: the name of your SocialToaster campaign - see red outlined box above
  • Call-to-action text for Signup block: enter text to accompany the signup button

There are checkboxes on the settings page that correspond to features the plugin makes available:

  • Enable Single Sign-on: users with accounts in SocialToaster will be logged in automatically when they log into the WooCommerce site
  • Allow Direct Sign Up: allows WooCommerce users to click a button that creates an account for them in SocialToaster
  • Add Signup to My Account Page: a call to action and signup button will be shown on the My Account page for useres
  • Add Signup to Order Received Page: a call to action and signup button will be shown on the order received step during checkout
  • Allow WP shortcode for Signup Block Placement: enables the use of a shortcode to place the signup call to action and button anywhere on the site

Optional: Points Integration

With the installation of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin and some additional configuration, you can enable your superfans to earn points for WooCommerce rewards via actions taken through SocialToaster.

1. Purchase and Install the WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin

Download the plugin from the the plugin site.

2. Add an API Key to your WooCommerce site

  • Login to your WooCommerce site as an admin, and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API
  • Click the "Add Key" button, then add a key for SocialToaster attached to an admin account, with read and write permissions
  • Record the key and secret values that are generated - you'll need those again soon

3. Enable the WooCommerce integration in the SocialToaster dashboard

Login to the SocialToaster dashboard and navigate to Configuration > Program Setup > External Platforms. Click the toggle button for WooCommerce. In the settings page shown, update the following fields:

  • Site URL: the URL to the Wordpress site root
  • API Consumer Key: the consumer key value created in Step 2 above
  • API Secret Key: the secret key value created in Step 2 above

IMPORTANT: Once the points integration is enabled with WooCommerce, points are not shown in the SocialToaster campaign.  This ensures that there's no confusion as to where users should find their point balances.