The SocialToaster for WooCommerce Plugin is a newly created feature that will allow you to integrate the capabilities of SocialToaster into your e-commerce site. With our plugin installed on your WooCommerce store, you have the ability to offer easy sign up for your SocialToaster campaign, single-sign-on, and points integration when using the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.

SignUp for SocialToaster Account 

A user has the ability to sign up to the SocialToaster program once they go through the checkout process,  and after they have entered their required billing information, they will be able to click the button to sign up. 

The program will automatically create a profile on the SocialToaster program and allow the user to navigate there by clicking on the Success! button.

*Users will also have the ability to sign up for the SocialToaster program from My Points, Account Details, Addresses, and Order Pages.

Single Sign-on Capabilities 


Once your user has created a profile on the SocialToaster program, they will only have to enter their credentials one time and be able to gain access to both the WooCommerce site and the SocialToaster program. 

Now your user can visit the SocialToaster site just by clicking the button, where they will be automatically logged in.


Points Integration  

From the SocialToaster program, your users will be able to earn points and View Reward Points by going to the History page 

Your users can now see the points they have earned on the WooCommerce My Account page 

*When a user signs up for SocialToaster without having a matching account on your WooCommerce   site, SocialToaster will create an account for them using their provided email address.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Support with any questions you may have.