Instagram is changing the way that data is available through their platform, removing the legacy API and requiring access that goes through the Facebook Platform.

How Does This Affect My SocialToaster Program?

If you previously added an Instagram account to the Likes/Follows or Social Feed Features, then you have granted our app access through the legacy API. Since that is going away, you will need to reauthorize our access through the new API.

If you do not have an Instagram account connected to either of these features, or you granted access after March 31, 2020, no changes are necessary.

What Happens If I Take No Action?

Depending on the feature the account is connected, the following will occur:

Likes/Follows: We will not be able to update the text or profile image shown for the Instagram account in SocialToaster if and when it changes

Social Feed: We will not be able to pull in posts from your account for display in the Social Feed

What Changes Do I Need To Make?

To update an Instagram account connected to Likes/Follows or Social Feed, complete the following steps. Note that if you have an account connected to both features, you need only complete this process once.

Before you start:

1.  Connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram professional account as described here:

2.  Log into the SocialToaster dashboard, and navigate to either Features > Likes/Follows or Features > Social Feed, wherever you had previously connected the Instagram account.

3. Locate the account on the page, which should display the "Reauthorization required" overlay. Click the reauthorization icon, as shown below:

4. Complete the authorization request through Facebook. If you choose the "Edit Settings" option, ensure that you leave both your Facebook Page and Instagram Business Account selected.

After completing authorization process, the dashboard will report the message "Account activated". 


If you've completed this process, but the dashboard reports the message that you don't appear to have the correct permissions, check the following:

  • The Facebook user you are using to connect with has the Admin, Moderator, or Editor role for the Page connected to your Instagram account
  • Go to the Settings > Business Integrations page for your Facebook user, then click the "view/edit" link for the SocialToaster app. Ensure your Page is displayed and selected in the dialog shown
  • Go to the Edit Profile page of the Instagram account, and ensure that the Facebook Page is shown without a "Confirm" button. If that button is shown, click it to complete the connection with the Facebook Page

Additional Help

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager or email us at