Add your Slack workspace as an additional channel for notifying your users about new content by integrating with the SocialToaster Slack app.


  • You have admin access to your Slack workspace
  • You have one or more channels (public or private) that are appropriate to send SocialToaster content notifications to (we recommend setting up a dedicated SocialToaster Ambassador channel)


1. Log into the SocialToaster dashboard with your admin account and click into Configuration > Program Setup > Messaging Integration

2. Click the Connect Slack Workspace button

3. In the authorization dialog shown, you will either be prompted to log in with your account with admin permissions on the workspace, or you are already logged in and will be asked to approve our app:

4. After being redirected back to the SocialToaster dashboard, you will be shown a list of the channels that were pulled from your Slack workspace. Select at least one channel that you want available to send content notifications to, then click Save.

You can now choose to enable Slack content notifications when you go through the Create a Post wizard.

Sending Post Notifications to Slack

1. On the Notification step of the Create a Post wizard, find the Configure Messaging Integration section and check the box for it to enable and expand it, revealing a preview of the content notification that will go out.

2. Choose one or more channels to send the notification to by checking the adjacent checkbox.

3. You can add a customized call to action or intro text in the editable text field at the top of the preview.

4. Complete the remaining setup and scheduling of your post. The notification(s) delivered to Slack will go out at the same time that email notifications are scheduled.