Notify your users on Microsoft Teams about new content by connecting it to SocialToaster using Incoming Webhooks.


1. Create one or more channels in Teams to receive notifications. We recommend dedicated channels for notifications in order to avoid them getting lost among other messages.

2. Create Incoming Webhooks Connectors for each channel you intend to send notifications to.

  • Open the channel in which you want to add the webhook and select ••• from the upper-right corner. 
  • Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add.
  • Select Configure, provide a name, and upload an image for your webhook if necessary. We recommend setting the name of the webhook to the name of your SocialToaster program, as this will identify the source of the notifications as they appear in the channel.
  • Copy and save the unique webhook URL present in the dialog. The URL maps to the channel and will be used to connect with SocialToaster in the subsequent setup steps.

3. Add the Connector information to SocialToaster

  • In the SocialToaster dashboard navigation menu, select Configuration > Program Setup > Messaging Integration.
  • Select Connect Microsoft Teams.
  • In the dialog shown, provide the name of the Teams channel you are connecting, along with the webhook URL you copied from step 2, then select Save.
  • Repeat the previous steps for any additional channels you created connectors for.

You can now choose to enable Teams content notifications when you go through the Create a Post wizard.

Sending Post Notifications to Teams

1. On the Notification step of the Create a Post wizard, find the Configure Messaging Integration section and check the box for it to enable and expand it, revealing a preview of the content notification that will go out.

2. Choose one or more channels to send the notification to by checking the adjacent checkbox.

3. You can add a customized call to action or intro text in the editable text field at the top of the preview.

4. Complete the remaining setup and scheduling of your post. The notification(s) delivered to Teams will go out at the same time that email notifications are scheduled.