SocialToaster now has support for capturing user generated content on TikTok for Pic Challenges. To configure your program to support this new functionality, complete the following steps in the dashboard:

1. Enable TikTok for Users

Navigate to Configuration > Program Setup > Social Networks > Campaign Networks and check TikTok as a secondary network. Once enabled, users will be able to add TikTok to their accounts after signup, through the Add More Networks block, or the My Account page.

2. Enable TikTok for Pic Challenge

You can enable TikTok for an existing challenge, or create a new one that uses it. From the Advanced section on the Edit Pic Challenge page, just check "Users can post media to their own TikTok feeds", then click Save. Unlike Instagram, there is no need to separately configure a business account that posts must mention in order to qualify.

Things to Note

Because TikTok's API implementation is different than Instagram's, entries are handled in a different manner. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Entries are not tracked and pulled in from TikTok in real-time. Instead, user accounts are checked three times daily for qualifying entries.
  • It is not currently possible to track and award engagement on TikTok posts.