Using Your Own URL for a Program

If would like to add a little more of your own branding to your program, using your own URL is good step.

If you are looking to embed your program inside of an existing website, then you should look here. Otherwise keep reading.

Step 1: Obtain a domain name
If you already own a domain name for your program, that's great, otherwise, head on over to a domain registrar such as and buy one you like.

Step 2: Point your new domain at your program

The next thing you need to do is point a site in your new domain at us. This is so that we can display your program when your fans visit your URL.

There are two ways to accomplish this, via a CNAME or an A record. This can be set up in the DNS section of the domain registrar you purchased your domain from.

1. CNAME - Recommended

A CNAME is a way to point one site at another. You will need to setup a CNAME to point to

For example, if your new domain is, you can setup the CNAME to point to Then whenever your fans go to the URL your SocialToaster program will appear.

Using a CNAME is what we recommend. However, if you want to point directly at your program, you'll have to use an A record.

2. A Record

An A record points a site at a specific IP address. If you would like to point directly at your program, you're going to need to change your default A record. On most domain registrar sites, this will show up as an '@' sign in the A records section.

You need to alter this record to point '@' at the IP address

Step 3: Let us know about your new domain

Now that you have your own domain, and it's pointing at us, we need to direct the URL to your program. All you need to do it head on over to your App Factory and navigate to the Micro Site section. Make sure you choose "I would like it as a standalone webpage.", and "No thanks, I have purchased a domain that I would like to use."

Now paste the URL you've pointed at us in the URL box, and Save and Publish your campaign.

Step 4: Check out your campaign

Navigate to the URL you've setup and you should be taken to your program. Occasionally it take a few minutes for the changes to propagate, so be patient. If you are running into issues, please email

Thanks, and happy Toasting!