Welcome to the SocialToaster API documentation. Here you will learn the basic steps needed to start interacting with our API.

Finding Your API Key

1. First, log onto your SocialToaster Dashboard.

2. Click on Manage Account in the top right.

3. Scroll down the page to API Information.

4. If there is a key listed, copy that down. If not, click Generate New Key and copy the key that shows up.

Making Requests

1. All you need to make requests to our API is your API Key (see above), and the key for the campaign you want data from.

    a. Your client key can be found on the SocialToaster Dashboard. It will be in parentheses beside your campaign name.

2. Our API accepts HTTP GET or HTTP POST requests. Using POST requests is recommended for security reasons.

3. Next, choose the endpoint you want data from and make a request using your API Key. Check out the Endpoint Documentation for more information.