We recommend sending your fans content at least once a week to share (twice a week if you’ve got plenty of it)! Here are some examples to check out to help you craft the perfect post for your program!

A. Video Post

Please note that videos from SocialToaster posts can't play inline on social networks. We recommend using a still from the video as the post image. Then when users click on the still, they are taken to the YouTube video. Video posts must be YouTube links.

B. Blog Post

C. Recruiting Post

D. Third-Party Content Posts


Pro Tip: It’s all about the subject line! The first impression you will make on your fans will be the subject line you write for your post, so choose wisely! Be sure to make it clear that they will be able to earn points for sharing. Also, have a clear call to action, such as “Check Out” “See Why” “Find Out” or “Discover.”