All of the links that are posted via SocialToaster use Google Analytics formatted URLs. Any traffic we drive, SuperFan posts, recruit links etc gets tagged with our analytics code (utm source).

You can see traffic from SocialToaster in your GA without any customization.  We send the following variables:

  • campaign = post name

  • medium = email | facebook | twitter | ...

  • source = socialtoaster

This is what it looks like at the end of one of our links:  utm_campaign=The_Weekly_Spread_from_SocialToaster&utm_medium=Twitter&utm_source=SocialToaster



If you want to change our utm sources, this is a customization. Please contact to learn more.


If you are looking to track time on site etc for you specific SocialToaster instances, you can put your Google Analytics code into the dashboard. Simply go to the advanced settings section of the dashboard: all you will need is your UA ID from your Google Analytics account.