You're probably spending too much time developing digital marketing content. It takes valuable time and personnel resources to properly vet, create, and promote even the lowliest of social posts.

That's why we've developed ContentToaster, our new artificial intelligence content aggregation bot. ContentToaster simplifies your content creation process while amplifying your digital marketing reach.

ContentToaster takes the content you've already written outside of SocialToaster and matches it to the SuperFans who are most likely to share it. Once configured, ContentToaster handles the curation and sending of content automatically.

Whichever posts perform the best that week will then be sent to your remaining user base on a day that you can select. 

We think ContentToaster will help eliminate hours of your content production overhead.

Want to get started with ContentToaster? You will need to set up content sources on your program using your existing social networks, blogs or RSS feeds. Head Here to set these up! 

When you're ready enable ContentToaster please contact 

At SocialToaster, we're here to help you better engage with your top influencers. We can develop an advocacy marketing program that’s custom-tailored to your brand.